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Oh, No!

What month is it already? December? Really? It’s still 2017, at least, right?

I started this blog with such good intentions…

So many insightful posts to share. So much content!

But… it’s been 6 months since my first and only post, which was really just a post saying that there would be more posts. Soon.

In my defense, I had <a really big sack of excuses> for not posting until now, and I’ll share those at the right time, but first…

Here’s The Plan:

Upcoming posts will include discussions, reflections, and lessons learned in these categories:

  • traditional education — bachelor’s, master’s (including MBA), and PhD
  • lifetime learningonline degrees, graduate certificates, and MOOCs
  • career management — getting your first job, startups vs. big corps, moving up, and how to avoid career-limiting pitfalls
  • meaningful work — work that you love isn’t necessarily work
  • keeping sharp — is it time to level up? (yes)
  • personal productivity — do you really want to spend more time doing stuff?
  • the entrepreneurial journey — from the initial idea to pivots
  • startup stories — stories about the entrepreneurial journey
  • the company vision — from why I started Next Mountain to where it’s going
  • products — from how to get the most out of our products to when the Android and iOS apps will launch, possibly including beta launch invites
  • data science — we’ll take a closer look at the data…
  • technical ramblings — from technology selection to insanely polarizing topics, like mobile-first, offline-first persistence, and the joys of denormalization
  • and more!

Most of my favorite blogs are pretty direct, so that’s what you’re going to get. Posts will usually be longer than this one, but still low on fluff.

The main exceptions to this rule are when certain details should be kept confidential for legal or business reasons, or when identifying the person would be embarrassing to that person.

Why Read The Blog?

Hopefully, something in the list of upcoming topics was appealing to you, or at least made you think.

But more concretely, as you get to know Next Mountain and try our products, you’ll understand that the company’s overarching goal is improving people and things.

What I mean is… I have had a lifelong passion for optimizing things. So, each post is designed to be helpful in some way.

If anything seems too direct, then just consider it tough love. Or leave a comment. Or both.

Ways To Stay In Touch And Learn More

Check out the Next Mountain website for details on how to stay in touch, as well as for information about our SaaS and mobile applications and products.

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Jason is CEO of Next Mountain. Connect with him on MediumLinkedIn, QuoraAngelList, and Twitter.