Blog Plans Update Mid-2018

Prior Plans

Last December, we discussed our plans for the Next Mountain blog. Since that time, an astounding three blog posts have been published:

These posts all fit within the plans explained last December. However, the company and its mission are evolving, so plans will evolve as well.

What’s Changing

While we plan to continue providing content directly on this blog, our CEO will post much of this content on Medium, in addition to posts that are relevant to a broader audience.

For example, the three posts above are cross posted as

But, you can also read

There are several benefits to this change.

First, this blog will focus more on company updates.

Second, Jason’s blog posts will cover a broader set of topics.

And third, you can easily find Jason on Medium, and you can manage your email preferences with them.

Why is this a benefit? In our GDPR readiness exercise, we recently purged our email list to almost nothing, and we had not been using it anyway.

So, you can manage who you follow on Medium, and what emails you receive from them, completely independent of Next Mountain.

Ways To Stay In Touch And Learn More

Check out the Next Mountain website for details on how to stay in touch, as well as for information about our SaaS and mobile applications and products.

About The Author

Jason is CEO of Next Mountain. Connect with him on MediumLinkedInAngelList, Quora, and Twitter.