Blog Plans Update Mid-2018

Prior Plans

Last December, we discussed our plans for the Next Mountain blog. Since that time, an astounding three blog posts have been published:

These posts all fit within the plans explained last December. However, the company and its mission are evolving, so plans will evolve as well.

What’s Changing

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What Makes A Great Online Course Bundle?

Next Mountain's All Access Career Bundle
Next Mountain’s All Access Career Bundle at pre-launch

Bundling Online Courses

As you might already know from our last post, Making Online Courses Is Hard Work!, Next Mountain Academy‘s courses are bundled into an All Access Career Bundle.

The courses aren’t for sale individually — subscriptions let us offer the courses on more convenient and attractive terms, and with more flexibility for evolving the offerings in the future.

But the decision to bundle these courses begs several questions:

  • What goes into the bundle?
  • How many bundles should you have?
  • What is the release schedule?
  • How do you stay on track?
  • How can you keep the content relevant?
  • How should you price bundles?

This post explores each of those questions and explains Next Mountain‘s goals over the rest of the year, from an e-learning perspective.

Hopefully, this post will be helpful to online course creators, as well as potential online course students. Or at least interesting to someone waiting for the dentist.

After reading, you can decide whether the bundle might be great or not.

What Goes Into The Bundle?

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Making Online Courses Is Hard Work!

Next Mountain's Framework For A Successful Resume Course
Next Mountain’s first online course offering.

Online Courses Seem So Easy To Create…

But, as with so many things, the devil is in the details. And in the case of online courses, there happens to be a lot of those details.

This post will explore what goes into making an online course, in case you’re curious or considering making one yourself. Settle in, it’s going to be a bumpy but fun ride!

[Update: we published a follow-up to this course, What Makes A Great Online Course Bundle?]

So that we’re on the same page, by online course, I mean an educational course providing instruction on some topic delivered through a web portal or mobile app to one or more students (hopefully, at least one…). It’s a great and exciting way to teach people all over the world, at a time and place convenient to them, without actually being there in person, or even knowing that they’re currently learning from you.

Next Mountain recently pre-launched our first course through Next Mountain Academy. The first course is titled Framework For A Successful Resume, and it includes explanations and hands-on resume creation sections, as well as a bonus section on cover letters. This course is part of our All Access Career Bundle. The resume course is pre-launched, because it’s not yet finished, but some people were interested in checking it out early. At the time of this writing, seven of the course’s eleven sections are complete and available.

Why not wait until everything is done before launching? Well, launching is arguably better than pre-launching, but pre-launching is definitely better than waiting forever for perfection to happen. And through this blog post, you’ll get an appreciation for why these things take a while to produce and finish.

We’ll have a separate blog post explaining why we’re publishing online courses, but basically the goal is to fund the business by producing content that is net positive to the world and that is consistent with Next Mountain‘s mission and principles.

Briefly, Next Mountain aims to produce content and tools that help people improve themselves and achieve their goals. So, having reviewed so many really bad resumes and read so much questionable advice over the years, this topic seemed like a great one to start with, and it could certainly be rolled together into a career bundle and more.

Naturally, I’m procrastinating a little on finishing the remaining four sections, and a blog post felt like a good and productive outlet for that procrastination. I started a blog series on common interview mistakes at the end of December, and here we are in March. So, another blog post is long overdue. But I digress.

Let’s explore the challenges of creating online courses, many of which I completely underestimated when I started creating courses.

We’ll start at a high level, then drill into each one of the details, including some of the tooling, software, and services involved. The discussion will be accurate with respect to what is available as of the date of this blog post. If the course needs to change for some reason, then there may be some differences.

What Goes Into Publishing An Online Course, At A High Level?

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Common Interview Mistakes: Why Us?

Interview Mistakes Series: Why Us?

Welcome To Our Interview Mistakes Series

As I’m writing this post, the New Year is preparing to pounce upon us in just a few short days. And with the New Year comes New Year’s Resolutions.

Some people will take this opportunity to commit to a job transition…

Maybe something like “I resolve to get a fabulous new job at an amazing new company, where I’ll be appreciated, where I can grow, where everyone is awesome, and where the grass really is thicker, greener, and happier.”

Or, something like “I resolve to leave this terrible job, where I’m not appreciated, where I’m not growing, where people aren’t awesome, and where the grass isn’t green at all, because it’s starved of vital nutrients by management, and the sun doesn’t shine on it in this toxic wasteland.”

Or, you may find yourself interviewing people who have made one of these resolutions (hopefully, the first one), as your company starts to hire into the New Year. In that case, these posts can help you calibrate, so that you can get another great player on your team.

Regardless, some answers to these questions really are better than others. The purpose of this series is to explore some of those questions and answers.

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Business, Career, and Personal Performance Blog

Oh, No!

What month is it already? December? Really? It’s still 2017, at least, right?

I started this blog with such good intentions…

So many insightful posts to share. So much content!

But… it’s been 6 months since my first and only post, which was really just a post saying that there would be more posts. Soon.

In my defense, I had <a really big sack of excuses> for not posting until now, and I’ll share those at the right time, but first…

Here’s The Plan:

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